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CoolSculpting — Beyond Belly Fat

The war against fat can be a frustrating one. No matter what the scale says, you may have developed unwelcome deposits of fat where you least want them, and no amount of targeted exercise seems to help. Thankfully, our CoolSculpting® technology can solve the problem, helping reshape many areas of your body by eliminating fat.

At Tahoe Women’s Care, Dr. Gary Willen and our team have equipped our practice with the latest technologies to help women look and feel their best. As part of our services, we’re pleased to offer CoolSculpting, which can eliminate up to one-quarter of the fat in your target areas, and we explore some of those areas here.

The CoolSculpting technology

Before we get into the many areas where CoolSculpting can help you achieve your fat-reduction goals, let’s quickly review why this technology is so effective.

Throughout your life, you generally carry the same number of fat cells, which expand in size when you gain weight. With CoolSculpting, we target these cells and eliminate them for good, as they don’t regenerate themselves.

Another advantage of CoolSculpting is that we’re able to bypass the biological directives in your body that dictate where you store fat. When you embark on weight loss, you can shed pounds through diet and exercise, but your body decides where it loses the weight.

For women, this can be especially frustrating since their bodies are more inclined to store fat in certain areas, namely around their pelvic regions. With CoolSculpting, we have the perfect workaround solution that bypasses biology to target your fat directly.

Beyond your belly

The cooling energy we deliver with CoolSculpting is absorbed by your fat cells without affecting the surface area. What this means is that this noninvasive solution is safe to use most anywhere on your body where there are fat pockets, including your:

This last area is one that we’d like to highlight further. Submental fat can develop in women of all sizes and doesn’t necessarily have to do with weight, although if you’re carrying extra pounds, you may be more susceptible to a double chin. 

That said, even slender people can develop a double chin thanks to genetics, facial structure, or age. With CoolSculpting, we can target the fat in this area, shrinking your double chin and restoring a more youthful profile to your face.

And we can achieve this same effect in all of the other areas we list above.

If you’d like to explore how our CoolSculpting technology can help you achieve your body-shape goals, contact our office in Carson City, Nevada, to set up an appointment.

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