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What to Consider When Choosing a Birth Control

Stuck choosing which birth control method to use? We've got you covered with our latest blog looking at the key considerations you need to ponder before coming to a decision on contraception.

Oct 31st, 2018
How to Combat Vaginal Atrophy with Lasers

When you're struggling with vaginal dryness, irritation, and painful intercourse, it can feel difficult knowing where to turn for help. Though these are common symptoms for many women, they can be treated effectively. Read on to discover how.

Sep 26th, 2018
5 Great Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Concerned at the thought of having a hysterectomy? Discover the benefits that robotic-assisted surgery have over traditional techniques and why it could be the solution you're looking for when less pain and faster recovery are your aims.

Nov 13th, 2018
What to Expect During Your First CoolSculpting Treatment

You may have heard that CoolSculpting® freezes away unwanted fat, but have you wondered what that means, exactly, and what happens during your first treatment? Take a moment to find the answers to those questions and more about CoolSculpting.

Aug 17th, 2018
Robotic-Assisted Surgery: Hysterectomies Have Come a Long Way

Hysterectomies have come a long way from the days of open surgery. Now robotic-assisted hysterectomies are a reality in the medical world, where they’re extensively performed, reducing your risk of complications and promoting quicker healing.

Jul 13th, 2018
Why the IUD Has Gained New Popularity

More than half of pregnancies are unplanned. A wide range of contraceptives is available to help you prevent unplanned pregnancy until you’re ready to start or add to your family, but each option offers different benefits.

May 25th, 2018
When to See Your Gynecologist About Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is a common symptom for a wide range of gynecological, urinary, digestive, and musculoskeletal problems. It’s also one of the most frequent complaints among women of all ages. So when should you see your gynecologist about it?

Apr 18th, 2018
How to Prepare for a Hysterectomy

If a hysterectomy looms in your future, there are many things you can do ahead of time to ease the process. To prepare yourself for your hysterectomy, we’ve gathered a few tips that will help you better weather your surgery and your recovery.

Mar 27th, 2018
Four Reasons MonaLisa Touch® May Be Right for You

They’re all over TV and the web: Smiling, silver-haired men with erectile dysfunction (ED) whose potency is instantly restored thanks to a few magic pills. But what if your partner’s hot new erections hurt? Or you feel itchy and uncomfortable “down there”?

Mar 16th, 2018
Tips for Preventing Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a common (and potentially embarrassing) problem that affects women of all ages. Even if you have one or more risk factors that makes you prone to developing UI, there are simple steps you can take to keep your urge to go under contr

Feb 15th, 2018
Freeze Away the Fat with CoolSculpting

When it comes to finally achieving one’s ideal figure or physique, there are many factors that can make an already challenging goal even more difficult.

Oct 27th, 2017