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Feel Your Best And Blast Away Stubborn Fat With CoolSculpting

Diet and exercise may help you obtain your ideal weight, but not your ideal shape. Dr. Willen at Tahoe Women’s Care knows how frustrating it can be to work hard, but still not feel completely satisfied with your body. That’s why he offers CoolSculpting® technology to help women in Carson City, Nevada area look and feel their best.

The science of cryolipolysis

Your fat cells are particularly susceptible to cold temperatures. Cyrolipolysis, the advanced science behind CoolSculpting, uses low temperatures to reduce fat in your body, while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. When your fat cells are exposed to the cold, they freeze and subsequently die. Your body naturally eliminates the targeted cells over time.

By using cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting can get rid of the fat in your body in a way that diet and exercise can’t. When you lose weight, your fat cells get smaller in size, but do not decrease in number. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, actually reduces the number of fat cells in your body by freezing them away.

CoolSculpting technology is FDA-cleared for nine areas of the body, including:

With fewer fat cells in these areas of your body, you’ll see a sleeker, more toned physique. CoolSculpting isn’t a weight loss solution, but your clothes will fit better, and you’ll feel more confident.

Benefits of CoolSculpting

When you come in for a consultation with Dr. Willen, he discusses your problem areas to determine if CoolSculpting will give you the results you desire. If you have stubborn fat, but don’t need to lose a lot of weight, CoolSculpting is an ideal option because it’s easy, nearly pain-free, and requires little to no downtime for recovery.

At your CoolSculpting session, Dr. Willen selects the device that best fits the area of your body you want to treat. He applies a gel pad and then the applicator. The device pulls the fatty area into the applicator cup and begins the cooling process. You may feel initial discomfort because of the suction, but the area becomes numb after 5-10 minutes. For the remainder of the session, you’ll be comfortable and can read or watch TV.

Because the technology works with only suction and low temperatures, the procedure requires no surgery or anesthesia. You won’t have any scarring, and you won’t have to prepare or recover from sedation. In fact, you can go about your day as normal as soon as treatment has ended.

Results that last

Dr. Willen typically only needs to treat your problem areas during one 35- to 60-minute session for you to see the benefits of CoolSculpting. But depending on your goals, you may want more than one session to maximize your results.

You’ll see the changes in your body as soon as three weeks after your appointment, and you’ll see dramatic results after two months. Your body will continue to permanently eliminate the frozen fat cells for as many as four to six months after your procedure. Ultimately, you’ll notice a 20-25% reduction of stubborn fat in the areas Dr. Willen treats.

There aren’t any necessary routines you’ll need to follow to maintain your new body shape, because the targeted fat cells are permanently eliminated. However, keeping up your healthy diet and exercise habits help prevent the possible formation of new fat cells. It’s likely, though, that you’ll notice such impressive results, that you won’t feel like it takes much effort at all to keep your new physique.

If you’re ready for an easy, safe, and effective treatment for pockets of stubborn fat, don’t wait to call Tahoe Women’s Care or schedule an appointment online.

*Individual results may vary.

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