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Freeze Away the Fat with CoolSculpting

When it comes to finally achieving one’s ideal figure or physique, there are many factors that can make an already challenging goal even more difficult. Perhaps you’ve dedicated yourself to a rigorous diet and workout routine only to find those final pounds seemingly impossible to lose. Maybe you’re making great strides in losing weight but your body is still retaining pockets of fat in certain problem areas. In many instances, you might find that your age has slowed down your metabolism, turning every day into a calorie counting marathon with little results.

For most working adults across the country, making the time to even make it to the gym is the biggest hurdle there is. Between long days at the office and raising our families, many of us find that we need every bit of help possible to finally earn our ideal look when we can’t manage to fit in time for extended exercise.

Fortunately, many advances are being made in the field of fat reduction technology that are finally giving men and women of varying ages affordable, fast options for getting into the long sought-after shape they want. At Tahoe Women’s Care, we offering one of the leading weight loss options around, the cutting-edge fat-freezing process known as CoolSculpting.

Eliminating Fat Without Calorie-Counting

A breakthrough development in fat removal procedures, CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared treatment option that enables our patients to receive the benefits of a fat reduction operation but through a non-invasive method. Through the process of freezing fat cells, CoolSculpting works to recontour problematic fat storage sites on the body and destroy the troublesome fat cells found there.

The precise science of this leading fat-freezing procedure is simple to understand but highly effective at obtaining noticeable results. During treatment, the patient is seated in a comfortable chair as a medical professional directly targets specific fat deposits. The non-surgical process begins as a gel pad and applicator are attached to one or more areas of the body, with suction being used in some applications to secure fat tissue.

With the fat held between cooling panels, gradual cooling is applied to the selected areas. While some slight tingling may occur during the treatment, CoolSculpting is pain-free in nature and patients are able to relax as targeted cooling travels beneath the skin and freezes fat cells directly. As a result, these cells are permanently destroyed and then gradually eliminated by the body through natural processes afterwards. Patients can expect the active procedure to take around an hour or less to complete.

What to Expect After CoolSculpting

After the CoolSculpting treatment is done, patients may return to their daily life without the need for rest or any downtime in their regular activities. Patients who undergo the popular and buzz-worthy CoolSculpting process will begin to notice results in the weeks following the procedure. This is due to the body disposing the destroyed cells which may take up to three weeks before results appear.

It should also be noted that CoolSculpting results continue well after the initial treatment period as the body’s response is extensive. In fact, fat reduction can be observed for as long as four months to half a year after the CoolSculpting process, in many cases after just a single fat-freezing treatment.

Patients may experience slight skin sensitivity around treated areas after the process as well as a minimal amount of redness or swelling, however these side effects are temporary and last for only a few days at the most.

Am I a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

As expertly-designed as CoolSculpting is, the treatment is not a replacement for regular weight loss solutions for those who are obese. The process was developed to treat those patients who are within range of their ideal weight (usually around 30 pounds) and are seeking medical options to remove fat deposits that are unsightly and affect their confidence.

If you do meet the criteria for this breakthrough fat-eliminating technology, then CoolSculpting can reduce those fat deposits that are specific hurdles to achieving the physique you want. The process has been approved to treat areas such as the chin, abdomen, thighs, and upper arms. If you’re tired of fussing over love handles or a muffin top, then this fat-freezing process is an excellent solution for you.

Expert Treatment from a Nevada Provider

When you find all your diet and exercise results are grinding to a halt and those final pounds stick stubbornly to you no matter what you do, turn to us at Tahoe Women’s Care. Our Carson City, NV facilities are fully equipped to perform CoolSculpting treatments with an attention to maximum results and with your comfort in mind.

Request an appointment with us today and we can arrange a consultation for the treatment. We are able to work together with our patients to set them up with the most convenient times for their busy schedules.

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