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How Long Does It Take to See the Results of Coolsculpting®?

How Long Does It Take to See the Results of Coolsculpting®?

Nonsurgical fat reduction sounds too good to be true — you can get rid of 20% of unwanted fat in your target areas without breaking a sweat or undergoing a painful procedure? We assure you that this approach to body sculpting really does work.

We’re so impressed by the technology that Dr. Gary Willen and the team here at Tahoe Women’s Care have equipped ourselves with the leading system in the field — CoolSculpting®.

Here’s a look at how CoolSculpting works and what sort of results you can expect, and more to the point, when you can expect them.

Cryolipolysis – the secret behind CoolSculpting

You had assumed that losing fat boiled down to three things:

While each of these approaches to getting rid of body fat is effective, we can add another — cryolipolysis — which is the technology behind CoolSculpting.

With cryolipolysis, we deliver a cooling energy into the fat cells in your body, which are particularly sensitive to extreme temperatures. This energy doesn’t harm the surrounding tissues, but targets your fat cells. 

To deliver this energy, we use CoolSculpting applicators that suction your targeted areas and then cool the fat cells inside the applicator. Most of our clients don’t feel much during this process except for a cooling, and then numbing, sensation.

Targeting fat where you want it gone

Our Coolsculpting technology is cleared by the FDA for nine key areas around your body, including your:

This technology is so safe that we can even use it for extra fat under your chin and around your jawline.

Getting to your new body shape

Now let’s get to the question that everyone wants to know — when will you see results? The answer depends, but here are some guidelines.

We typically recommend 1-3 CoolSculpting sessions in order to tackle the optimal number of fat cells in your target area. We space these sessions out by several weeks, so getting to your results depends upon the number of CoolSculpting sessions you opt for.

After your final CoolSculpting session, your fat cells break down over the course of several weeks. Your body slowly flushes out the debris at the same time as your skin resettles itself over your slimmer profile. In most cases, you should see results within 6-12 weeks, with final results taking shape in 4-6 months.

As for how long you can enjoy these great results, that’s up to you. With CoolSculpting, once we eliminate the fat cells, they’re gone for good. That said, existing fat cells can still increase in size if unhealthy habits lead to storing more fat. So, if you continue your healthy diet and exercise habits, your CoolSculpting results are yours to keep.

If you have more questions about CoolSculpting or you’d like to schedule your first nonsurgical fat-reduction treatment, please contact our office in Carson City, Nevada, to set up an appointment.

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