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NovaSure Specialist

Gary Willen, MD, MBA -  - Gynecologist

Tahoe Women's Care

Gary Willen, MD, MBA

Gynecologist located in Carson City, NV

If you’re one of the one in five women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding, and you know you don’t want to have any more children, you may finally find relief with NovaSure®. The simple in-and-out procedure to remove your uterine lining takes care of abnormal bleeding without surgery. Gary F. Willen, MD, provides NovaSure at Tahoe Women’s Care. If you live in the Carson City, Nevada area and you want to explore your options for endometrial ablation, set up an appointment today. Dr. Willen also services the surrounding communities of Southlake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, Minden, and Gardnerville.

NovaSure Q & A

What is NovaSure?

NovaSure is a quick non-surgical, non-hormonal endometrial ablation technique to remove the uterine lining. Dr. Willen provides this treatment in the comfort of his clinic. NovaSure reduces or remedies menstrual bleeding, but it doesn’t provide sterilization.

What happens during the NovaSure treatment?

First, Dr. Willen takes a pregnancy test just to be sure you’re ready for treatment. You’ll be awake during the procedure, but you may request local anesthetic to numb the cervix.

Then, Dr. Willen creates an opening in your cervix and inserts a special instrument into the uterus. He then inserts a triangular, netted device into the uterus through the tube. The netting expands to reach the outer edges of the uterus.

Once the netting is in place, Dr. Willen transmits radiofrequency through the netting for 90 seconds to erase the uterine lining. After that, Dr. Willen collapses the device and removes it.

Am I a good candidate for NovaSure?

NovaSure is designed for premenopausal women who have heavy periods due to a benign cause and are certain they’re done having children. Pregnancy is still possible after the procedure, but it’s hazardous, so you have to be diligent about birth control.

It’s crucial to discuss the treatment with Dr. Willen and consider all your options before making a decision.

What can I expect after the procedure?

You may experience some temporary side effects for a day or two after treatment such as:

  • Cramping
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Spotting
  • Discharge

Dr. Willen gives you discharge instructions and provides pain-reduction methods such as anti-inflammatory medication and heating pads.

He advises you to refrain from immersing yourself in water and abstain from intercourse and tampon use for about a month. However, you can return to all other normal activities the day after treatment.

After about three months, you’ll either have very light periods or no periods at all. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite activities, such as swimming and boating, without worrying about leaks. Many women also report fewer PMS symptoms and period pain after NovaSure.

If you’re done having children and want relief from heavy menstrual bleeding, call Dr. Willen to see if NovaSure is right for you.

*Individual results may vary